Our Story

Honbo opened its first shop in March 2017 on Sun Street, Wan Chai.

Honbo is a homegrown classic cheeseburger joint that celebrates simple and straightforward American-style burgers through honest cooking and careful sourcing of quality ingredients. Instead of loading a burger up with excessive extravagant ingredients, we prefer to take the no-frills approach by focusing on perfecting the classic burger. This is apparent throughout every aspect of our brand DNA and is especially reflected in the simplicity of the menu.

We do so by concentrating on some of the often-overlooked details; from developing a unique all-natural potato milk bun recipe with our artisanal baker, to importing our own Double Gold American beef from Wisconsin. Every element in a Honbo burger showcases the very best flavors Hong Kong has to offer. 

As of Summer 2019, Honbo’s reach has grown to both sides of the Victoria Harbour. Fans can now enjoy a #RealGoodBurger— guaranteed to be made with care, love and honesty— from two locations: Sun Street in Wan Chai and The Mills in Tsuen Wan.

Honbo has been winning awards as well as the hearts of countless fans since early 2017, below are few of the things we’re famous for...

Cheese Burger
Sweet Potato Fries

Quality Ingredients

We import all-American Double Gold Beef from Wisconsin directly. Double Gold beef comes from older cattle, they are more mature and have amazing depth of flavours. We use whole chuck and brisket for that perfect balance of flavour & texture. We grind our beef fresh every morning.

We use sustainably grown iceberg lettuce that is hand leafed in house daily, and pickles that are made in house from Japanese cucumber.

Pre-flattened patties are for amateurs. We smash our patties and sear them on a flat top griddle. It’s the only way to go if you ask us. All our specialty sauces are made at our own kitchen; the recipe is so fiercely guarded, even the owner doesn’t know it.